November 2017 will be Young Workers’ Month, and UNISON will be aiming to raise the profile of young workers and young UNISON members by recruiting and organising them to help us win better working conditions and build an even stronger union.

Bullying and harassment are among the main concerns for young people working in local government, and the battle against bullying and harassment is one of UNISON’s key priorities for our young members. As part of Young Workers’ Month, we hope to highlight the problems of bullying and harassment and help support branches and regions in your efforts to prevent it.

Whatever your age Bullying and Harassment can occur whilst in the workplace, If you are affected please DON’T stay silent, Our branch is always here to help you and will support and advise as required. You will never be alone. If you don’t want to come directly to us then speak to a colleague, Just DON’T remain silent, You are more than likely not alone. Together we can help stamp out bullying and harassment within our workplaces.

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